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WTRL Team Time Trial #50 - Thursday 2nd April 2020

Innsbruckring - 2 Laps (18.05km)

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Zone 1 - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 - 10:20 AM BST

Zone 2 - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 - 6:15 PM BST

Zone 3 - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 - 7:40 PM BST

Zone 4 - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 - 12:35 AM BST

Zone 5 - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 - 2:45 AM BST



Winter Team Racing League - Series 2

Final Results!

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Final Results

Winter Team Racing League - Series 2

Congratulations to our WTRL World Team Time Trial eRacing Champions!.

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WTRL Team Time Trial #49 - Results

Tick Tock - 2 Laps (36.33km)

Thursday 26th March 2020

Full Results

Rank Team Class Time
1La BombaEspresso0:44:59.11
2ATP Racing 1Espresso0:45:03.44
3WTRL VolendamEspresso0:45:15.70
4TEAM POAUTOEspresso0:45:54.59
5WTRL SkylabEspresso0:46:14.29
7Vikings FenrirFrappe0:47:13.05
8DIRTy Afternoon DelightEspresso0:47:20.80
9The BerlHarz ConnectionEspresso0:47:57.57
10Cicli Stefanelli TriathlonFrappe0:48:02.30
11Ram RacingEspresso0:48:05.17
12Charles Coaching and Nutrition Services Espresso0:48:05.30
13Race3R PlayboysFrappe0:48:05.43
14DIRTy Rascals ForceEspresso0:48:20.61
15Los CarrerasFrappe0:48:24.12
16Vikings JörmungandrFrappe0:48:24.92
17The Swift KidsFrappe0:48:34.65
19ATP Racing 5Espresso0:48:37.97
20Foudre FFrappe0:48:50.13
21ATP Racing 7Espresso0:49:07.31
22Race3R Bucks FizzFrappe0:49:10.52
23DIRTy SteamersFrappe0:49:11.73
24Dolfijn TriathlonFrappe0:49:13.92
25London DynamoFrappe0:49:14.14
26CRYO-GEN VulturesFrappe0:49:14.26
27Team TFC RaptorFrappe0:49:20.63
28DIRT DigglerFrappe0:49:23.18
29Race3R WestlifeFrappe0:49:29.32
30CRYO-GEN Eagles Frappe0:49:35.28
31Vikings SleipnirFrappe0:49:45.18
32Foudre EEspresso0:49:49.28
33Riding DIRTyFrappe0:49:49.50
34Race3R LunachicksVienna0:49:51.59
35Avignon Le Pontet TriathlonEspresso0:49:53.22
36WKG VOMIT Frappe0:49:53.79
37ZESP 5Frappe0:50:02.76
38WTRL PioneersEspresso0:50:09.88
39ATP Racing 6Frappe0:50:09.90
41SWATT CLUBFrappe0:50:20.48
43ZESP 2Frappe0:50:32.14
44Team Vegan VFrappe0:50:33.78
45British Army Race TeamEspresso0:50:35.26
46Team AaCRM ZwiftersFrappe0:50:38.73
47Race3R StepsFrappe0:50:46.31
48DIRTy WattzFrappe0:50:46.51
50CRYO-GEN FalconsFrappe0:50:53.67
52SWATT TRI CLUBFrappe0:51:09.54
53Vikings Hoddmímis holtFrappe0:51:11.14
54Race3R NSYNCFrappe0:51:12.03
55Team Vegan SFrappe0:51:14.40
56DIRTy Rascals TriFrappe0:51:22.50
57WTRL Skylab 2Frappe0:51:27.67
58Eat DIRTFrappe0:51:29.79
60Vikings ValhallaLatte0:51:43.58
62ZESP 4Frappe0:51:55.87
63WTRL Beet-ItFrappe0:51:58.58
64DIRTy BibsLatte0:51:59.39
65The SpinstersFrappe0:52:18.32
66ZESP 1Frappe0:52:20.61
67Team CZFrappe0:52:21.07
68HERD of Great White SharksFrappe0:52:21.46
69Watt The FreakFrappe0:52:24.65
70DIRTime ChasersLatte0:52:25.24
71Vikings NíðhöggrLatte0:52:25.62
73BLC RacingFrappe0:52:27.88
74ATP Racing 8Frappe0:52:29.96
75ZESP 8Frappe0:52:31.30
76Team Vegan JFrappe0:52:32.71
77Los AmigosLatte0:52:35.24
78BRT ChasersLatte0:52:44.24
79WTRL WanderersFrappe0:52:44.61
80The Swift Kids 2Latte0:52:55.97
81CRYO-GEN WoodpeckersFrappe0:52:58.64
82ZESP 6Latte0:53:07.10
84TT1 LancetsFrappe0:53:11.95
85Race3R Backstreet BoysLatte0:53:14.32
87WKG FUN Latte0:53:19.49
88Vikings MjolnirLatte0:53:21.71
89DIRTy Rascals DeuxLatte0:53:31.01
90Bergen TriathlonFrappe0:53:31.31
91Los CaracolesFrappe0:53:35.81
92TT1 CGMsFrappe0:53:39.34
93ATP Racing 3Latte0:53:41.10
94Team TFC LightningFrappe0:53:52.98
95HERD of LionsFrappe0:53:53.89
96WKG PainFrappe0:53:55.38
97Race3R Spice GirlsVienna0:53:59.22
98Vikings OsebergLatte0:54:15.34
99Team TFC HornetLatte0:54:15.48
100TT1 HypersLatte0:54:21.43
102Vikings SköllLatte0:54:29.73
103CRYO-GEN OspreysVienna0:54:31.97
104Race3R New Kids On The BlockLatte0:54:32.91
105CRYO-GEN PenguinsLatte0:54:53.51
106AHDR 1Frappe0:54:54.45
107Foudre LFrappe0:55:06.13
108WKG GOAT HURDERSLatte0:55:10.67
109Eat DIRT TooLatte0:55:14.31
110HERD of Killer BeesLatte0:55:14.84
111Team TFC JaguarLatte0:55:18.97
112ATP Racing 2Latte0:55:25.51
114Dolfijn Triathlon 1Latte0:55:57.75
115DIRTy Wattz 2Latte0:56:03.52
116Los KetchupMocha0:56:16.65
119Vikings AsgardLatte0:56:44.95
120AHDRL Purple Armada 1Vienna0:56:48.34
121Eat DIRT VierLatte0:56:49.61
122Vikings ValkyrieVienna0:56:50.11
123Fryslân BoppersLatte0:56:58.70
124Team Vegan WomenVienna0:57:06.00
125CRYO-GEN MagpiesVienna0:57:13.68
126Bergen Triathlon Sub3Latte0:57:15.48
127Eat Dirt BostMocha0:57:41.39
128DC RacingLatte0:57:50.17
129HERD of CoyotesMocha0:58:16.76
130CRYO-GEN KestrelsMocha0:58:19.07
131HERD of TigersLatte0:58:22.17
132Team TFC HurricaneMocha0:58:23.37
133ZESP 3Vienna0:58:24.75
134HERD of Dire WolvesLatte0:58:30.60
135Herd of LemursVienna0:58:31.26
136ATP Racing 4Mocha0:58:46.61
137CRYO-GEN RoadrunnersMocha0:58:48.17
138Las ValientesVienna0:58:58.31
140DIRTy RascalsMocha0:59:00.73
141Vikings BerserkerMocha0:59:04.01
142CRYO-GEN HawksVienna0:59:14.88
143Eat DIRT TroisMocha0:59:19.20
144Dolfijn Triathlon VVienna0:59:21.68
145DIRTy Wattz 3Mocha0:59:31.97
147CRYO-GEN RavensMocha1:00:10.06
148CRYO-GEN BuzzardsLatte1:00:24.15
149Sisters of SassVienna1:00:26.45
150HERD of Honey BadgersMocha1:00:37.06
151TT1 HyposLatte1:00:43.44
152HERD of PlatypusLatte1:01:08.50
153Vikings FreyjaVienna1:01:41.06
154HERD of FlamingosVienna1:01:45.29
155TT1 A1csMocha1:03:47.39
156TT1 the KetonesVienna1:04:09.19
157Bergen Triathlon MasterMocha1:05:23.08
158Cycling Club of Martha's VineyardMocha1:05:37.37
159Bergen Triathlon LionessVienna1:05:52.46
160AHDRL Purple Armada 2Vienna1:07:23.65
161Secret SquirrellsLatte1:08:00.16
162Herd of PuffinsVienna1:15:36.11