Our Ethos:

WTRL was founded with one simple idea. Every racer, deserves the same amount of organisational effort from us no matter what their category or ability.

We have become known for our creative ability around eSport event design and management to provide some of the most bespoke and fun team-based racing available. Our weekly Thursday WTRL Team Time Trial events attract thousands or racers in hundreds of teams for the biggest Team Time Trial anywhere on the planet!

Our Racing Event Times:

Thursday - Team Time Trial

8 race times available for our hugely addictive Team Time Trial. Join 4,000 racers in over 600 teams every Thursday as a team against the clock to set the fastest possible time. Nowhere else on the platform will you suffer with your teammates as much as you will in this event! Every November, WTRL hosts its very own TTT World Championship that will push you and your to your absolute limits as you seek to become the World Champion team of your Coffee Class. Each week the TOP 11 teams are invited to participate in the WTRL TTT Platinum League which is an invite-only event and broadcast on Zwift Community Live.

Zwift Racing Leagues

Brand new for the Winter season, in partnership with Zwift, WTRL will launch the all-new Zwift Racing Leagues - the BIGGEST eSport racing tournament on the planet!! Starting on October 13th, Season 1 will see 4 Continental leagues of thousands of Zwifters - men and women - across multiple divisions battling for team points throughout the worlds of Zwift, hoping to win their division and gain promotion for Season 2! From the Premier Division to Division D, there promises to be something for any age and ability no matter where you are in the world.

WTRL Womens Empowerment Series

From its humble beginnings in series 1, WTRL has created the largest women's racing series on the Zwift platform. Now in its 3rd season, the Empowerment Series has seen hundreds of women take to the routes of Watopia, France and other worlds for some fierce competitions between rival teams and countries.

Winter Tactical Racing Leagues

Another hugely popular event with over 400 racers in each race every Saturday alone last year! Points are awarded to the top 50 in each category and everyone gets a 'taking part' point. Points accrue over a 6 week series by rider and also for your team. Events vary from out and out racing to iTT (set up as a normal race but with draft turned off!).

Decat Racing League

Racing in 2 Time Zones with the idea of smashing through the world time zone barriers by combining both sets of results in to 1 League table. The vast selection of great Watopia routes, both hilly and flat, provide a fantastic individual league suitable for every category of racer.

Alpe du Zwift Series

Climb the mountain! Best 3 of 6 races count towards your GC position.

TRIAD Series

Team racing Day with our major prime time racing slot to give every team the chance to race as one unit against other teams. To date this time slot has hosted events such as The TRIAD cup Series (KOMs/QOMs and Sprints), Points Pursuit Racing and our marque Winter Team Race which saw over 100 Teams compete in our 2018 Winter League in all 4 categories.

Points Racing Leagues

Team racing Day with our major prime time racing slot to give every team the chance to race as one unit against other teams. To date this time slot has hosted events such as The TRIAD cup Series (KOMs/QOMs and Sprints), Points Pursuit Racing and our marque Winter Team Race which saw over 100 Teams compete in our 2018 Winter League in all 4 categories.

Click HERE to see a list of all our events (past and future) and results

WTRL Racing Team

WTRL also hosts a vibrant 150-strong team of avid Zwift and real-life racers. Both our Men's and women's team caters for Zwifters of all abilities from the professional racer through to the social rider. Many of our members race in real life and can boast victories over some very famous super-star pros! The WTRL race team predominantly compete in e-racing events but we do attend real cycling races too. If you are interested in joining, please complete the online application form (link in the menu above).

Our History:

WTRL began when event organizers Steve Milliken and Marc Swatton decided it would be great fun to get as many of their respective teammates to join the same race and have the two teams race each other in all 4 categories.

The concept was a success, and Marc (event and race organizer for Race3R) and Steve (race team leader for Team Type 1) soon realised that other teams wanted to join in. In the spring of 2018, they developed the concept of a race series that involved team racing in all 4 categories.

WTRL launched in October 2018, with the original plan to run for the winter months. It was an instant success, with 136 different teams and over 1000 individual racers taking part!

After such a successful first series they realized there was a demand on Zwift for the format they were providing, so the decision was taken to rebrand as World Tactical Racing Leagues in February 2019.

Due to the growth of specialised events in the Spring of 2019 such as The Triad Series – Watopia Racing League – Points Racing & The Team Time Trial, 2 became 3 with Martin Carew joining the WTRL team. Martin has enabled us to provide a data and results service, along with this website, unrivalled by any other organiser on Zwift offering bespoke race formats with results in minutes rather than days or weeks with some other events.

The Future:

With the launch of our website we aim to bring you an unrivalled events service for Information – Sign-up and results. The biggest winter league ever hosted containing separate KOM & Sprint leagues as well as an overall GC Team competition. Our Team Time Trial will continue to evolve with more time zones added allowing even more participation throughout the world. A 3rd Time Zone added to our Tuesday racing to satisfy the requests from many of our racers. A brand-new Race Training event lead by top racers designed to get riders race fit..... AND now a partnership with ZWIFT to bring the Zwift Racing League to the pain cave of thousands of Zwifters in over 190 countries!


Our Team

Steve Milliken

Ex outdoor racer, marathon runner and now full time Indoor racer. This retired career soldier is now spending his time organising racing and the WTRL Race Team on Zwift and acting as a fulltime dad.

Steve lives in the North of Ireland and is married with 2 teenage children.

Martin Carew

Former professional rugby player, knows far too much about everything. Martin joined the team in 2019 and is the driving force behind event design, marketing, data processing and website development. He (used to!) Zwifts most days as well as enjoying a long road ride during the short summer.

Martin, although British, lives in Calgary, Canada with his Fiance and 2 Retrievers.