About WTRL

Established in 2018 and becoming fully incorporated in Alberta, Canada in 2020, WTRL has become a world leader in the design, management and execution of virtual sporting events. Servicing and entertaining over 15,000 virtual cyclists, runners and rowers per week, WTRL has built a solid foundation and reputation for some of the best virtual e-sport events with clients and competitors alike.

From humble beginnings of a weekly Saturday race, WTRL launched it's flagship event - the weekly Thursday WTRL Team Time Trial. Competitor numbers have grown to over 4,000 weekly riders since its inception and is a firm favourite with Zwifters. The WTRL Team Time Trial Platinum League, a weekly league of the top 12 virtual TTT teams in each of 9 unique Coffee Class, is aired on Zwift Community Live hosted and produced by Nathan Guerra and a team of experienced commentators. Complimented with various team poster competitions from an avid and loyal following, an annual World Championships and an annual WTRL Team Time Trial for World Bicycle Relief which raised a staggering US$68,000 in 2020 which was later matched and $97,000 in 2021!

In July 2020, WTRL became an exclusive partner to Zwift Inc to collaborate, design, manage and run the Zwift Racing League – a global League structure attracting over 15,000 athletes to each of 4 seasons annually. Zwift Racing League consists of a Premier Division for elite teams and then 5 continental based Leagues housing over 120 divisions and around 1800 teams. WTRL also organised and ran the Zwift Nations Challenge in 2020 in support of the first UCI Cycling eSport World Championships which saw 4,500 riders representing 23 Nations pitted to achieve the fastest possible team time. WTRL also now run ZRacing events, Zwift Classics, Zwift Duathlon League and Zwift Running League on behalf of Zwift.

Through innovation, technology, our partnerships and dedication to developing virtual sports, WTRL has been able to achieve a global presence on an unrivalled level of organisation. Over 60,000 unique competitors took part in a huge variety of events in 2020 including some of the worlds top elite Olympic and World Champions alongside social riders keeping fit and enjoying our sports.

WTRL continues to work with various federations including British Cycling and European Triathlon as well as a multitude of other teams, organisations, athletes, commercial partners and of course Zwift to entertain thousands of home-based athletes. We specialise in bringing people to team based events - a saviour to many with the recent lockdowns and restrictions.

From June 1st 2022, ZwiftGPS joined the WTRL family.

Very few people will believe that we are a team of just 4 people capable of entertaining over 25,000 Zwifters every week!