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Founded in 2018 and now fully incorporated in Alberta, Canada, WTRL has risen to become an undisputed global leader in designing, managing, and executing awe-inspiring virtual sporting events.

Picture this: Over 30,000+ virtual cyclists and runners embarking on heart-pounding journeys each week, united by their passion for competition. From its modest origins with a simple Saturday race, WTRL has transformed the landscape of e-sports, launching the sensational weekly Thursday WTRL Team Time Trial. With over 4,000 riders joining the thrill ride every week, this masterpiece has become the stuff of legends, captivating members and competitors alike.

Beyond the heart-pounding competitions, WTRL is all about community engagement. Their loyal followers compete in lively team poster competitions, while an annual World Championships and an annual WTRL Team Time Trial for World Bicycle Relief have raised a staggering $250K in support of a noble cause.

Collaboration with industry giants Zwift has propelled WTRL to even greater heights. In partnership, they birthed the awe-inspiring Zwift Racing League, captivating close to 20,000 athletes in each 6-week round. This global League structure caters to elite and amateur teams alike, arranged based on continents, and boasting an astonishing participation of 2,000 teams and over 25,000 unique racers per season.

But WTRL's prowess doesn't stop there. They've orchestrated the grand Zwift Nations Challenge, a monumental event where 4,500 riders from 23 nations competed fiercely for the coveted title of the fastest team. A wide range of exciting events like ZRacing, Zwift Duathlon League, Zwift Running League, and the iconic Zwift Classics also fall under their exceptional management.

With an uncanny knack for innovation and a penchant for pushing boundaries, WTRL has secured partnerships with esteemed entities like British Cycling and European Triathlon. Moreover, their ever-expanding portfolio includes collaborations with other community organizers, giving rise to thrilling races like 'Mad Mondays' and the formidable Fearless Annual Women's Team Championships.

What's truly awe-inspiring is that this powerhouse of an organization is fueled by a team of just three dedicated individuals. They've managed to entertain a staggering 25,000+ members every week, completely free-of-charge, solidifying their status as true pioneers in the virtual sports realm.

To top it off, WTRL's ambition knows no bounds. As of June 1st, 2022, they've taken ownership of ZwiftGPS, a cutting-edge web-based GPS system, enriching the experience of Avatar tracking within Zwift and offering exclusive games to their esteemed WTRL Members.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating universe of WTRL, where passion, technology, and sheer determination have come together to redefine the meaning of virtual sports on a global stage. They've shattered expectations, broken barriers, and united athletes from all walks of life, proving that dreams can indeed become a reality. With over 60,000 unique competitors participating in an array of events in 2022, including world-renowned Olympic and World Champions to home cycling/running enthusiasts, WTRL has earned its rightful place at the forefront of modern-day e-sporting greatness.

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MartinOwner / CEO

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TimSoftware Developer

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ErinRace Control

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