Join the Herd Racing League as we go head to head in a mass-start zero-draft series of 12 Individual Time Trial events. Each of the 4 categories will start at the same time, with the winner taking the spoils and adulation of their competitors!

Points are awarded 100 down to 1 for each Category each week and your first race each week is the one that counts.

The Stampede uses Zwift's Category Enforcement to ensure racers are in the correct starting group. Please see the table below for category calculations. You are able to race at or above your ZCE Category but will not be able to join any category/pen below.

For more information, please visit The Herd on Facebook and why not join the Herd's Discord Server during the race!

Race Categories:
ZCE Category /
Starting Pen
A ≥4.2W/kg zFTP OR 5.1w/kg MAP (minimum 250W CP)
B ≥3.36W/kg zFTP OR 4.2w/kg MAP (minimum 200W CP)
C 2.63W/kg zFTP OR 3.3w/kg MAP (minimum 150W CP)
D Any value where 150W CP is not exceeded.

Season 11 Schedule

Each week, there are 6 event times to choose from and you can race at different times each week. You can find event sign-on links at ZWIFT.
Your first race time each week is the one that counts!

Race Date # of Race Times Course/Route Distance
1 18th November 2023 6 WATOPIA - Temple Trek 10.7 km / 6.7 miles
2 25th November 2023 6 MAKURI ISLANDS (URUKAZI) - Mech Isle Loop 8.1 km / 5.0 miles