Join WTRL, 3R, Zwift Community Live and a host of celebrities to raise as much money as possible for World Bicycle Relief during WTRL TTT #87

This year, World Bicycle Relief celebrates 15 years of changing peoples lives in 21 countries around the world by providing the infamous Buffalo Bikes. These invaluable bikes provide entrepreneurs, students, doctors and healthcare workers a means to cover the distances necessary to attend school, collect water or food, visit patients or even just to visit families. The tireless work of WBR empowers communities to improve access to education, livelihoods, families and well-being which in turn breaks the cycle of poverty for years to come.

A single Buffalo Bike can make a world of difference to these communities and costs just USD147/GBP120. Wouldn't it be great if 800 WTRL TTT teams could find support to raise enough money to purchase 1 bike per team? Think of the lives that would change.

WTRL TTT #87 will be dedicated to this cause! More details to follow but there will be trophies and prizes available as well as fundraising related time initiatives for every team that enters.

Zwift Community Live will be covering the Platinum League in a special World Bicycle Relief focused show as well! We will also have a couple of celebrity teams joining the event!

Target US$50,000 (340 Buffalo Bikes)

Find out more about World Bicycle Relief here

How do I get started?

A team of 8 raising US$19 / GBP14 / EUR16 per rider would buy 1 life-changing Buffalo Bike from the team and earn a 1 minute time bonus for this very special WTRL Team Time Trial.

  1. Use the BUY BUFFALO BIKES button below to head to WBR's dedicated Fundraising page.
  2. Register and personalise your teams fundraiser page but be sure to use your actual TTT Team Name.
  3. Share your TTT Teams fundraising page amongst your team mates and friends!
  4. Its important to have 1 page per team so we know who to give the time bonuses too.
  5. Team Registration will open for the event at 7pm GMT / 2pm EDT on Wednesday 9th December.
  6. Fundraiser leaderboards will be available right here on this page soon.

Its as simple as that!

Start your TTT Teams Fundraiser!

EVERY Buffalo Bike Purchased = 1 minute time deduction!
Buy Buffalo Bikes