We are proud to activate the WTRL TTT cycling community together to help provide bicycles for students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in developing regions of the world.

Join us in supporting our very special WTRL TTT for World Bicycle Relief on December 1st to give the gift of joy, hope, and opportunity - most importantly the opportunity for a brighter future, through the Power of Bicycles. In 2020, we raised $68,000, in 2021, we raised $98,000. Can we continue to raise the bar?

This year our target is

US$75,000 (455 Buffalo Bikes)

WTRL TTT for World Bicycle Relief Partners



WTRL TTT for World Bicycle Relief Race Equipment

We'll all be mounting the finest racing machine that Zwift has to offer for this special event. Our team of eSport mechanics have been hard at work reducing the overall bike weight by adding a carbon frame and refining the aerodynamics to create the ultimate racing machine. All you will need to do is switch to your wheels of choice in the paddock. What do you think?

How do I get started?

The average size of a team in the WTRL TTT is 6 riders. If each of you raise US$28/£24/€28 for your TTT team's fundraiser, you would buy 1 life-changing Buffalo Bike (US$165). So why stop at just one? You'll also earn 1 minute off your final team's time in the MOVISTAR Challenge Can you beat this world class professional cycling team?

  1. Use the BUY BUFFALO BIKES button below to head to WBR's dedicated Fundraising page.
  2. Register and personalise your teams fundraiser page but be sure to use your actual TTT Team Name.
  3. Share your TTT Teams fundraising page amongst your team mates and friends!
  4. You are more than welcome to set up a single fundraiser page for multiple teams. Be sure to clearly mark which teams the page represents and we will divide the total raised equally between each team.
  5. Each fundraiser will remain open until December 21st to allow companies for those donors who's employers match donations to process matching payments.

Its as simple as that! It promises to be spectacular day too.
We do hope you can join us for this very special life changing event and that you are able to contribute in anyway possible.

Start your TTT Teams Fundraiser!

EVERY Buffalo Bike Purchased = 1 minute time deduction!

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