The chance to compete and represent your nation doesn’t come around very often, and this time it’s all about working together.

In the build up to the 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, taking place on 9th December, join your fellow country people in Watopia for the ZWIFT NATIONS CHALLENGE in partnership with WTRL.

Throughout December 5th and 6th, Zwifters will be able to race 50km / 31 miles of the 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships course, Figure 8 Reverse, finishing at the Watopia KOM, with the aim of completing the race in the shortest time. Nations will then be ranked on an aggregate time to determine the top three Nations.

How will it work?

The top 22 countries by Zwift Subscriptions will have 2 events each (44 in total) to set the fastest AVERAGE time which will then be ranked and added to the ZWIFT NATIONS CHALLENGE league. An additional 2 events for the Rest of The World will also take place. Times from all national riders in both national events will be combined, the top fastest 10% and slowest 10% of times will be discounted and the average time for your country calculated so be sure to work together to achieve the fastest possible times.

What Countries can I represent?:

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The Netherlands



South Africa

Great Britain




United States


New Zealand

Rest of the World

Rules & Information

How do I represent my chosen country or countries?

Set your nationality in your ZWIFT PROFILE and enter one of the equivalent Events. There is no limit to how many countries you can represent so if you are Irish and living in the USA or Canadian living in Australia you are more than welcome to represent both countries in their associated events. Any riders racing an event not associated with their Nationality settings will not contribute to the results (unless its a Rest of the World event).

What happens if I enter another country’s event?

Your time will neither help nor hinder that country’s time nor will it benefit your own country but you are welcome to help boost the draft for other countries if you would like to.

Zwift Nations Challenge Rules:

  1. To be included as a Country Representative in the ZWIFT NATIONS CHALLENGE you must:
    • Have a fully registered ZwiftPower account (Click Here for How To)
    • Set your Nationality within your Zwift Profile to reflect the country you would like to represent
    • Enter one or both of your country’s events on either the 5th or 6th December. (almost all events will take place at 11am local time for each country UNLESS your country spans multiple time zones.)
  2. At least 100 national riders total must take part across the 2 events per country for the time to count.
  3. The fastest 10% and slowest 10% of times will be discounted from the Average time Calculation example: 100 racers: Top 10 and bottom 10 discounted and average time taken from the remaining 80 riders.
  4. This is not a race by ability or gender. It will be a mass start and you should aim to help your fellow country men and women - the bigger the peloton the faster it moves.
  5. Note that non-nationals will be removed from a nations results temporarily with CTY as the code.
  6. Riders flaunting the rules, exhibiting poor sportsmanship or riding unrealistically will be removed from the race results and will not contribute to their country’s results directly.


Rank Country Riders Avg wkg Avg Time