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Chase races are an exciting alternative Zwift race format. In contrast to the typical category-based race formats, racers in handicap events compete against riders from ALL categories.

The objective of a chase race is to use the power of the draft and stay as a group while pushing as hard as you can. Some may not make it to the end with the group but this is ok - being part of the pack makes the peloton move faster and one of the only ways you'll be able to keep your nose in front as the chasers close in. Fragmenting and riding as a small group and leaving your team mates behind will only lead to disaster.

Riders are grouped according to ability and start times are staggered with the slowest groups leaving first. The goal is for each group to work together to stay away from chasers and catch anyone up the road. Typically two or more groups come together just before the finish for an all-out podium sprint, and it is this unique blend of team and individual efforts which keeps racers coming back for more.


Instead of using the normal power-based categorization that you are used to seeing in Zwift or ZwiftPower, WTRL's AutoCat system works a little differently. Your historical finishing times for courses based on a difficulty rating of 1-5 within the most recent 30 days. This will be used to pair you with racers that are most similar to you in performance on that same difficulty of course. You are then signed up directly to the corresponding pen/category to ensure you’re racing in a fair and fun event. Z Racing Chase Races will use up to 5 separate categories/pens.

Be aware that Autocat is dynamic and will work to balance each group to level the playing field. In the run up to the race and as more people join, you may find you are moved between groups (both up and down) as Autocat works to give everyone the most competitive race it can.

Riders in each group wear matching kits, making it easy to tell groups apart. After all, the focus for most of the race will be on working together as a team to stay away from any chase groups and catch any groups ahead! Putting in a hard group effort is both motivating and rewarding, and it’s the reason why chase racers return again and again to this format.

ZRacing Chase Race - E Group
ZRacing Chase Race - A Group
ZRacing Chase Race - B Group
ZRacing Chase Race - C Group
ZRacing Chase Race - D Group
With a variety of race routes and a fresh mix of riders for each event, it’s anyone’s game. A pro cyclist riding in the E (Elite) group may catch the front then hold a long breakaway for the win, but a group of new D riders might also stay away and sprint it out for the podium. The final podium is anyone’s guess as every race features a different mix of riders on courses which vary week to week. The winner is determined from the first racer of a group to cross the line and thus setting the category time.


In order to enter a Z Racing Chase Race you must have a ZwiftPower and WTRL account. Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Ensure you have a ZwiftPower account AND that your Zwift profile is connected to ZwiftPower via your account connections. (Text link should show 'Opt-out'). Click here For help on connecting to ZwiftPower.
  2. Ensure you have a WTRL Profile and that your Zwift Profile ID has been entered correctly.
  3. Sign Up for your preferred event times here.
    WTRL will then evaluate your power metrics and previous race performances before signing you up directly to the pen at Zwift. All you need to do is be logged into the game prior to the events scheduled start and you will be automatically transferred to the race in the usual way.

3 Power Ups are on offer.


Q: What if I don’t have any Zwift Racing history?
A: It would be beneficial for Zwifters to have at least 1 race under their belt in the last 30 days, with the ideal being 2-3 for best category placement. Ideally, these would be races of a maximal effort for you and 30 minutes or more in duration. Provision may be able to be made for a Zwifter with no race history by using their power-based data. If using this data, the system will calculate roughly where you should be. Please note that the system will be focused on placing riders in this way in higher categories, otherwise known as “catting up.”

Q: Do I need any special type of account to get access to these races?
A: You will need three accounts total: Zwift, ZwiftPower and WTRL. This ensures all data is shared and accurate.

Q: How is my category determined?
A: Over the last 18 months WTRL has developed several categorization algorithms each able to work with multiple variables such as power, gender, age, previous results, ranking and many more. WTRL will use your existing race history to determine the best category to place you in. Initially these will be fixed categories but in the future all ZRacing races will become dynamic.

Q: Will there be separate Women-only races?
A: Initially no, BUT if the races have enough women signing up, this is definitely on the cards for the future.

Q: What are the categories or groups?
A: All riders will start from the same pen. We will be using all 5 available categories/groups who will start in this order:

  1. Group D
  2. Group C
  3. Group B
  4. Group A
  5. Group E (Elite)

Q: What happens to my category if I have a great race? What if I have a bad race?
A: If you are performing outside your assigned class, you will be automatically moved up or down for the next race depending on your performance.

Q: Do I need to be registered on ZwiftPower?
A: Yes! If you do not have a ZwiftPower account, click here to find out how to set one up.

Q: Where do I see my results?
A: Category/Group placings will be available right here but ZwiftPower.com will carry individuals results

Q: How do you select the course data you will use if I haven’t been on the course I am signing up to race?
A: The system does not use course specific data - all courses are ranked 1-5 currently in terms of difficulty. Performance is compared based on course rank.

Q: What if someone hasn’t raced a course in the past, but has completed a social ride? Is that data used to determine their category? How is that fair?
A: Rides like fondos, group rides, or social rides are NEVER used to determine race categories. Rides are usually speed/power controlled in order for all riders to remain part of the group. While this will likely push a few people, it is not generally a competitive experience for the majority, and as such does not give a fair indication of efforts that might be seen in racing.

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