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Welcome to Zwift Racing Leagues in partnership with WTRL

In a partnership between WTRL, Zwift, Zwift Live and Zwift Community Live we are proud to be launching a multi-week seasonal team based league - Zwift Racing League

Using the tabs above, you can navigate more in-depth information on how the Zwift Racing League will work, rules, times, courses etc but essentially we will be bringing a global sporting contest to life aimed at recognizing Indoor Cycling as a sport in its own right. These pages will evolve in the lead up to the start of Zwift Racing Leagues.

As with everything WTRL - Zwift and WTRL are committed to ensuring Zwift Racing Leagues offers fair and competitive team racing to all riders of all abilities where ever they are in the world.

Following the recent Zwift Racing League Qualifiers, the top qualifying e-racing teams and riders will feature in our top-tier Premier Division. At least 75% of those teams will come from the Zwift Community plus a few wild-card entries that could be from professional cycling teams or the Zwift Community alike. The Premier Division is an invite-only league and will be managed and run by Zwift themselves with support from WTRL.

Feeding into the Premier Division will be a whole array of geographically named leagues featuring multiple divisions of approximately 20 teams per division and will be open to all. These leagues and divisions will be managed and run by WTRL. Teams will be required to register their entry with WTRL and all races will require a special Racer Joining link to be able to enter the pens and participate in each race.

At the end of each season, the top team from each (3 in total) of the APAC, EMEA East, EMEA West and AMERICAS E/W will be invited to the Premier Division for the following season with the option to also receive a fully customized in-game team kit from Zwift. As 3 teams come up, 3 also move down. Within the Community Divisions, the top 2 teams are promoted to the division above and the bottom 2 teams move to the division below. Take a look at the Leagues tab above for more detailed information.

There will be 3-4 Seasons of Zwift Racing leagues each year with race times to suit most geographies. Zwift and WTRL hope to see these expand in future seasons. During Season 1, Premier Division teams (Men's and Women's) will compete on Mondays with the Community Divisions playing out across multiple events on Tuesdays - both with supporting broadcasts. Events will alternate between Team Time Trials (something that WTRL are very well known for with over 3,000 participants every Thursday) and Scratch Races which will incorporate a number of Intermediate Bonus points. Details around Race times and a full Season 1 Course schedule can be found on the Courses & Times tab above.

Certainly for Season 1 of Zwift Racing Leagues, all teams will be single gender (men's or women's) and based around the very familiar ZwiftPower rider categorization system. Teams in the B league will not be permitted to use any rider above that grade (i.e. an category A rider cannot compete in the B Divisions but a C category rider can. Riders can race up but not down).

In the Premier Divisions (Men's and Women's), Teams will be 10 pre-approved and ZADA verified riders with a maximum of 5 able to race in each event. In the Community Divisions rosters are much more flexible and 6 riders from each team can compete in each race. There will be some restrictions around riders moving between teams and of course a larger team can enter as many teams as it chooses into which ever League system suits that team from a time point of view. More information can be found on the teams tab above.

In every race of every division of every league, riders can score points for both their finishing position and from Intermediates Sprints and Climbs. At the end of the race these scores are combined to give a team score and converted into Series Points. Take a look at the Scoring tab for more details.

WTRL will be supporting all broadcasts from Zwift Live (Premier Division) and Zwift Community Live (Community Divisions) as well as a weekly Round-Up show every Friday featuring all the action from the Zwift Racing League that week as well as looking forward to the week ahead. As details become finalized, the Broadcast tab above will be updated with more information.

Zwift and WTRL are very excited to get Season 1 of Zwift Racing Leagues underway on the 12th and 13th October. Each future season will see further development and expansion!

Keep an eye out for various emails, social media announcements, ZwiftCasts, Zwift Insider articles and of course a Zwift live show in the coming days!

Zwift Racing League in partnership with WTRL


WTRL Zwift Racing League


Race Times

  • Each League System is attached to a particular timezone in the geographical region after which it is named.
  • Times will remain the same in that city regardless of summer and winter clock changes but other cities may see a time difference.
  • Race times may vary from week to week.
  • Depending on attendance, future seasons may see additional Leagues and potentially a second Premier Division (no promises though!)


Course Schedule

Race Date World Course Format Premier
A & B
C & D
1 Oct 12/13
Big Foot Hills Race 50km
Custom distance
Finish at Titans Grove Q/KOM Reverse
Custom distance
Finish at Titans Grove Q/KOM Reverse
Custom distance
Finish at Volcano Q/KOM arch
  • Titan’s Grove Q/KOM 5-4-3-2-1
  • Hilly Q/KOM 5-4-3-2-1
  • Volcano Q/KOM 5-4-3-2-1
2 Oct 19/20
R.G.V. Team Time Trial 1 Lap - 24.1km -
3 Oct 26/27
UCI Worlds Course Race 2 Laps - 32.4km 1 Lap - 16.2km
  • Monument Ave 3-2-1
  • Broad Street 3-2-1
  • Libby Hill 3-2-1
  • 23rd St 3-2-1
4 Nov 2/3
Magnificent 8 Team Time Trial 1 Lap - 28.6km -
5 Nov 9/10
Everything Bagel Race 1 Lap - 34.2km
  • NY Q/KOM Rev 5-4-3-2-1
  • NY Sprint Rev 5-4-3-2-1
  • NY Q/KOM 5-4-3-2-1
  • NY Sprint 5-4-3-2-1
6 Nov 16/17
Greatest London Flat Team Time Trial 1 Lap - 31.1km -
7 Nov 23/24
Petit Boucle Race 47km
Custom distance
Finish at Marina Sprint
Custom distance
Finish at Pave Sprint
  • Pavé Sprint Reverse: 3-2-1
  • Aqueduc KOM Reverse: 3-2-1
  • Ballon Sprint Reverse: 3-2-1
  • Aqueduc KOM: 3-2-1
  • Pavé Sprint*: 3-2-1 (Prem, A & B only)
8 Nov 30/Dec 1
Watopia Waistband Team Time Trial 1 Lap - 25.5km -
9 Dec 8
2019 UCI Worlds Circuit Race - 2 Laps
  • Yorkshire Q/KOM: 5-4-3-2-1
  • Yorkshire Sprint: 5-4-3-2-1
10 Dec 15
Tick-Tock Team Time Trial - 2 Laps - 36.3km -


Updated: September 27th, 2020

Team Information

Premier Division Teams
  • The Premier Division of Zwift Racing League is managed by Zwift eSports and all communications should be addressed to the Race Director.
  • Zwift Racing League Premier Division Qualifiers took place between 14th and 20th September 2020.
  • Premier Division Teams will consist of 10 pre-approved and ZADA verified Racers.
  • A maximum of 5 / minimum of 3 riders per Premier Division team will be permitted to race in each race event.
  • There are no Rider Category restrictions in the Premier League.
  • Teams can not rotate additional riders outside of the nominated 10 in to the team during a Season.
  • Riders registered as part of the 10 nominated riders are not permitted to race with any other team in the Community Divisions even if they are not selected as part of the 5 Premier Division racers for the team that week.
  • The Premier Division Season will consist of 8 race events, taking place on Mondays and alternating between Scratch Racing and Team Time Trials
  • All Premier Division racers are expected to pair and wear a fully functioning heart rate monitor. Failure to do so will result in a 0 Individual Score.
  • Full details around rules, processes and Information will be provided to each team from Zwift's Race Director as part of the Technical Guide.

Community Division Teams
  • All queries relating to the Community Divisions should be addressed to WTRL ([email protected])
Team Requirments
  • Teams are gender specific - Men's and Women's. There is no provision for mixed teams in Season 1 at any level.
  • Teams MUST race in the League and Division to which they register - i.e. A team cannot race in an APAC race one week and then an EMEA W race the next.
  • Teams can join a Division of Zwift Racing Leagues late but will not be awarded any points for missed races.
  • Community Division Teams can work with an unlimited roster and place up to 6 riders (minimum 3 for scratch races / 4 for TTTs) into each race.
  • Team riders must not exceed the ZwiftPower Category of that Division in Season 1. Racing Up a Category is fine but racing down is not.
    i.e. An A category rider would not be permitted to race in a Division B team but a C category rider could Race in a Division B team.
  • WTRL will conduct spot checks with teams to confirm rider weight etc and teams will be given several days notice of this.
  • Teams must have competed in at least 8 ZRL races in any season to be automatically considered for promotion and at least 5 for relegation.
Racer Requirements
  • Racers MUST have their correct weight and height entered into their Zwift profile. You can do this via the Zwift Companion App or WTRL will be carrying out spot checks each week but teams will be given plenty of notice.
  • ALL racers must have an ACTIVE fully registered ZwiftPower profile.
  • Womens Leagues will work to WOMENS ZwiftPower Categories.
  • Men's Leagues will work to MENS/MIXED ZwiftPower Categories.
  • All racers must have acquired a ZwiftPower category PRIOR to starting a Zwift Racing League race. This can be achieved by participating at least 2 races in a wide variety of races. Refer to the Zwift Companion App for a full schedule of races.
  • UPDATED Zwift Racing League is inclusive and embraces all Zwifters looking to race. ZPower racers (not transmitting power data (Watts) from either an on-board power meter or a Smart Turbo Trainer paired to the game) are permitted to race but will receive 50% of the Individual Score for the race with 1 point as a minimum.
  • UPDATED Functioning heart rate monitors MUST be paired and worn in all A Divisions to avoid a disqualification. In all other Divisions below, racers who are not transmitting a heart rate reading to the game will receive a 50% maximum of any Individual Score that they win in a race, with 1 point being the minimum.
  • A riders starting category in their FIRST race of a season will be used as their effective category for the season. If a rider starts as a C but upgrades to a B, they will be allowed to conitnue the season in that division as long as their improvement is within the realms of human performance. Riders who are returning to Zwift, havent raced before or not aware of their cycling ability would be advised to do a full 1 hour FTP test to gauge abillity before racing or run the risk of being asked to upgrade. You may need to move to a higher divisional team the following season. Zwift and WTRL do not believe in punishing a rider and preventing them from riding with their team just because they improved (assuming your improvement is not 0.5wkg in 7 days!
  • Each community rider can only ride with a maximum of 2 ZRL Teams in the same Zwift Racing League Ladder.
    i.e. A rider can race with a maximum 2x APAC, 2x EMEA E, 2x EMEA W, 2x AMERICA E and 2x AMERICA W teams in any season (if they are super human!)
    A rider can alternate between 2 teams in the same League but racing with a 3rd team in the same league is not permitted and would attract an Individual Score of 0 points and potentially a disqualification of the 3rd team.
Team Registration
  • Each Club will be permitted to enter as many teams as it wishes into whichever League system and Division suits.
  • Teams are required to register their Team Entry for each season with WTRL using a simple online form that will launch for Season 1 on Oct 1, 2020.
  • Teams will need to declare a manager and a team captain at registration. A manager can be associated with multiple teams but the captain can not (1 captain per team).
  • The captain will be the primary contact for WTRL to communicate Racer Sign-On Links for their team with. This prevents managers potentially having multiple different links to deal with.
Event Sign-On & Team Tags
  • All races will require a special Racer Sign-On link from WTRL in order to join each race. These races are not open to anyone without a team.
  • As WTRL is not requiring Community Division Teams to pre-register riders in Season 1, ALL riders in a team will be expected to use WTRL's Team Tagging system within ZwiftPower.
  • Untagged riders will not earn any points and inquiries will be made with the 'owner' and 'owning' club/team if a rider is seen without a tag in any race.
Zwift Racing League in Partnership with WTRL


Zwift Racing Leagues & Divisions

In order to allow competitive racing across the globe, a ladder system of leagues will be in operation. Separate League structures will exist for Men and Women. Although the leagues have geographical names, teams can choose at registration the league that suits them best BUT they must race in the race events associated with that League. These are defined as:

  • Premier Division
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa East (EMEA E)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa West (EMEA W)
  • Americas East (AMERICAS E)
  • Americas West (AMERICAS W)

Premier Division racing (Men's and Women's) will take place on Mondays starting from 7pm London, UK with live broadcasts on Zwift Live.

All Community Leagues and Divisions (Men's and Women's) will take place on Tuesdays with live broadcasts on Zwift Community Live.

ALL races will be INVITE-ONLY. This is to ensure that non-team riders can not join the race and potentially interfere with race progression. Special joining links will be provided by WTRL to all registered team Captains at least 24 hours in advance of each race start time. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure these joining links are distributed amongst participating riders ONLY and NOT to anyone that should not be in the race.

For Season 1, each League will consist of at least 4 divisions. If there are sufficient Teams registering for any particular division, additional Divisions may be introduced to accomodate.
i.e. If 50 teams register for the EMEA W B Divisions, WTRL will create 2 B Divisions B1 & B2 each containing 25 teams. In this case a teams division will be determined by its perfomance in the first 2 races (1 scratch and 1 TTT). It is expected that EACH division will have its own race so a Division B1 team will not race with B2 teams from Week 3 onwards. Leagues will be based around the well-known ZwiftPower rider categories (which are based on wkg FTP and watts FTP:

Male Female
Division A > 4.0wkg FTP & minimum 250W FTP > 3.7wkg FTP
Division B Less than 3.99wkg FTP & minimum 200W FTP Less than 3.69wkg FTP
Division C less than 3.19wkg FTP & minimum 150W FTP less than 3.19wkg FTP
Division D less than 2.49wkg FTP less than 2.49wkg FTP

Each Division will contain a maximum of 20 teams. Where there are more than 20 teams registering for a particular division in season 1, additional sub divisions will be created making each Category Division expandable.

Promotion & Relegation

At the end of each SEASON a number of teams will be promoted and relegated between Divisions. The top teams will be promoted to the Division ABOVE with the bottom teams being relegated to the Division below within the same League Ladder. Only 1 team will be promoted from the AMERICAS Leagues.

Teams must have competed in at least 8 ZRL races in any season to be automatically considered for promotion and at least 5 for relegation.

Teams winning promotion to the Premier Division will be offered a custom in-game team kit of their design.

Division Promoted To Relegated To
Premier Division - 3 Teams Associated Geographical League - A Division
A Division 1 Team Premier Division 2 Teams B Division(s)
B, C Divisions 2 Teams Divisions Above 2 Teams Divisions Below
D Division(s) 2 Teams C Division(s) -


Zwift Racing League Points & Scoring

In every race there will be plenty of points for teams to work together to win. The competition will feature Individual Rider Scores, Bonus Intermediate Points and Team Points.

Individual Rider Scores

For each race in each division, a rider can score points for their team based on their finishing position. The top 30 in all leagues and divisions will score as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th
40 35 30 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

All Community League Riders will then receive 1 point for finishing (not applicable to the Premier Division).

There are no individual scores in Team Time Trial events.

Bonus Intermediate Points (Scratch Races Only)
  • Bonus Points will be added to a riders score for 'First Across the Line' at various intermediate sprints and climbs as designated in the Course Schedule.
  • Bonus Points are awarded to the first riders across the intermediate finish line. Points vary each week depending on the course. Please refer to the Route Schedule on the Course Tab for segments and points on each Points Race.
  • There are no Bonus Points available in team Time Trial events.
Team Scores
  • For each race the total Individual Scores will be COMBINED (totaled) by team and ranked.
  • The team with the HIGHEST total COMBINED scores will be declared the winner of the race.
  • In the event of a tie in COMBINED scores, the position of each tied team’s best rider across the finish line shall determine the tied team’s ordering, with the team with the higher placed rider placing higher.

The Top 20 teams are awarded SERIES POINTS for each race (scratch or TTT) in each DIVISION of each LEAGUE as per the descending ranking as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  • At the end of the SEASON, the team with the most SERIES POINTS shall be declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie in SERIES POINTS, the team which placed higher in the final event shall be placed higher.


Race Broadcasters

All Zwift Racing League races will be broadcast through either Zwift Live or Zwift Community Live channels. Divisions and Categories may vary from week to week. Be sure to subscribe to each channel by clicking the titles below so you do not miss the hype!

Zwift Live

Zwift Live will broadcast all Monday Premier Division races and Team Time Trials with full support from WTRL. Presenters and Commentators will include, OJ Borj, Matt Stephens, Hanna Walker, Nathan Guerra, Dave Towle and other guest presenters.

Each week a Zwift Racing magazine show will broadcast live, giving a round up of the weeks racing action on Zwift and looking forward to the following week. The magazine show will feature interviews with racers from across the Leagues and Divisions as well as highlights, results and discussions from across the various Zwift Racing Leagues

Zwift Community Live

All Community Divisions of the Zwift Racing Leagues will be broadcast on Zwift Community Live with commentary from Nathan Guerra, Dave Towle and a host of other presenters - fully supported by WTRL.


Leading up-to and during each season, be sure to also check out the ZwiftCast podcasts for more interviews and information around the Zwift Racing League


ZwiftInsider will have course and race preview articles each week.
ZI Zwift Racing Leagues Update
ZI Zwift Racing Leagues Courses

Zwift Community

A vast content of Zwift Racing League Live Streams can also be found online from our very own Zwift Community Racers and provision will be made right here on to add your channels to a Channel Directory.


Zwift Racing Leagues in partnership with WTRL - FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below that we are being asked.

  1. Q. I have made an error and entered my team in the wrong League - now that registration is frozen, can you change it please?
    A. No - The registration system is locked for Race 1. You can either race in the League you opted for or you can delete your registration and forfeit the first race. Booking a flight to New York when you want to go to San Francisco is not something easily changed at the last minute.
  2. Q. I have riders in my team who do not have a ZWiftPower Category. Is that OK?
    A. No - ALL riders need a category. Any rider without a ZwiftPower category when they cross the start line will be disqualified instantly, will not recieve a time or points and will be marked U in ZwiftPower.
  3. Q. When does Team Registration open?
  4. Q. When does Team Registration close?
    A. Team Registration will remain open for most of Season 1 but all teams looking to start racing in Week 1 should be signed up by 7am GMT/UTC Sunday, October 11th 2020 (3am New York, 8am London, 6pm Sydney).
  5. Q. How do my racers sign on to the races?
    A. The races are all set up as private events and require a special sign on link to be able to sign on. WTRL will provide these links to captains via email and will also make them available via the My Registered Teams area. Please ensure you do not give the links to anyone that isnt racing and ensure that you give the right links to the right team members. Teams or racers in the wrong pen or event cannot be corrected afterwards.
  6. Q. With so many teams registered will the races be packed to the brim and unenjoyable?
    A. No - WTRL is hoping to limit every division to a max of 30 teams where we can. Where we have more teams a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or however many it takes will be opened and the first 2 races (1x Scratch and 1x TTT) will become random Pools from which you will be assigned a division from Week 3 onwards based on time and points.
  7. Q. Are women allowed to race in and with the men's teams?
    A. No - there is no provision for mixed gender / co-ed teams in Season 1 but we are pleased to say that some provision will exist in Season 2 (January - March 2021).
  8. Q. I noticed this is a team event - can I ride as single 'Privateer'?
    A. No, the Zwift Racing League is all about Teams and includes Team Time Trials. Individual riders are not a team. Any team presenting less than 3 riders in any scrtach race or 4 riders in any TTT, will be removed from the competition.
  9. Q. How many people must I have in my team on race day?
    A. Scratch raes - minimum 3 & TTT - minimum is 4 riders (4th rider sets the time)
  10. Q. Whats the maximum team size?
    A. For Premier Division - no more than 5 and for Community Divisions, no more than 6 are permitted from any single team on race days.
  11. Q. Can I register more than 1 team?
    A. No, each team must be registered by a different person but a Club can be associated to as many teams as it likes. For instance Club A can enter 10 teams if it wants but each one must have a unique Captain.
  12. Q. Can a team name race in different Leagues?
    A. No, A team name is fixed to the league that it is registered to.
  13. Q. Can a rider who is registered for a Zwift Premier Division team on Monday ride for a Community team on Tuesday?
    A. No, a rider who is registered as part of a 10-rider Premier Division squad is not allowed to race in the Community League.
  14. Q. Do I have to pre-register a roster of riders to race in the Community league?
    A. No, in season 1 you can change any of the riders in your Community team.
  15. Q. How will you stop riders racing who do not belong to a registered team?
    A. The team captain will be issued a unique code for each race event to pass on to the racers in their team. Without this code a rider cannot enter the event.
  16. Q. What happens if I pass on the code to extra riders and we race with more than 6 team members?
    A. The whole team will be disqualified from the race and the team will score no series points for the event.
  17. Q. Can I race for more than 1 team?
    A. Yes, you can race for a maximum of 2 teams in the same league during the season.
  18. Q. Can I race in different Leagues for different teams, E.g. (APAC) in the morning and then (America West) in the evening?
    A. Yes, if you are able, you could race in all 4 leagues for different teams.
  19. Q. Are we allowed mixed male/female teams?
    A. No, for Season 1 there is separate Male & Female leagues. You must race in the league that you have identified your gender as in your Zwift profile.
  20. Q. Can I use mixed Category riders in my team?
    A. Example: a B category team can have C or D category riders but it cannot have A category riders. This would result in disqualification.
  21. Q. Can A+ and A category riders race in the same team?
    A. For Season 1, yes.
  22. Q. Do women use Coloured or Purple race categories for setting up their teams?
    A. The Womens categories that are designated in a Purple circle on ZwiftPower.
  23. Q. Can a rider race using Zpower e.g. a ‘Dumb Trainer’?
    A. Yes, however you would only score half points for your team. You would still score a minimum of 1 point.
  24. Q. Can I race without a Heart Rate Monitor?
    A. Yes, however you would only score half points for your team. You would still score a minimum of 1 point.
  25. Q. My HRM failed during the race, what can I do?
    A. Riders who transmit no Heart Rate information to the game will receive hald points during scratch races. An HRM is not specifically required for Team Time Trials. If your heart rate fails, you may contact WTRL and plead for an exception at the organizers and the Zwift eSport Race Directors discretion.
  26. Q. I have an issue with the results showing for my team.
    A. You must contact WTRL by email ([email protected]) within 24 Hours of the end of the race. Once that time has passed, results will be declared as final and NO will be made at a teams request.
  27. Q. My team is racing in the Premier Division, do I still contact WTRL with any results issues?
    A. No, you should contact the Zwift eSport Race Director but of course WTRL will always try to help.