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WTRL Zwift Racing League


Race Times

  • Each League System is attached to a particular timezone in the geographical region after which it is named.
  • Times will remain the same in that city regardless of summer and winter clock changes but other cities may see a time difference.


Course Schedule

All registered teams will compete in the REG marked races for league points and league positions.

Race Type Date World Course Format Laps / Distance Power-Ups FAL Intermediates FTS Intermediates
Battle Royale Play-Offs will take place for the top 2 teams across all Division 1 League Standings.
  • 2 Races (1 points and 1 TTT) on consecutive days will determine the winners.
  • Points will be zeroed to start these 2 races.
  • Top 3 A1 Division Teams will be promoted to the ZRL Premier Division.
  • Top B,C & D teams will be declared ZRL Season 2 World Champions of their respective Divisional grade.
  • Nominated squads of 10 - 4-6 compete each day - all riders in squad must have completed at least 4 races with the ZRL Team.
  • Basic height and weight verification for B1, C1 & D1 teams.
  • A1 Division teams:
    1. connect trainer as primary power source (not pedals/crank/hub power meter)
    2. Optional dual record and submit to WTRL files within 2 hours of each races completion
    3. wear a fully functioning HRM connected and transmitting to Zwift
    4. submit height and weight video taken within 12 hours of Race 1 start and before Race 2 start
    These are basic requirements of the ZRL PREMIER DIVISION. Further details: ZWIFT eSPORT
9 BRPO Mar 5
Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds Course Points Race 2 laps Monument Ave Sprint
Broad Street Sprint
Libby Hill KOM
Monument Ave Sprint
Broad Street Sprint
Libby Hill KOM
10 BRPO Mar 6
Magnificent 8 Team Time Trial 1 lap none


Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Team Information

Community Division Teams
  • All queries relating to the Community Divisions should be addressed to WTRL ([email protected])


  1. Unlimited roster size with max 6 athletes per race (4 athletes per race min).
  2. All ZRL riders must have both a WTRL profile/account and a ZwiftPower account
  3. Riders will be associated to their team during races via the NEW WTRL race sign on system. See the TEAM IDENTIFICATION section below.
  4. Women's Leagues shall use the ZwiftPower Women's Categories and Men's/Mixed Gender teams shall use the ZwiftPower Categories.
  5. Riders can continue to race for a maximum of 2 teams in each League.
  6. All riders must have a valid ZwiftPower category for their division. Anyone with no Category will not receive a result.
  7. Teams must be made up of racers at or below the division category threshold (B category riders can race for an A or B division team, but not a C division team.)
  8. Any new rider who falls above the divisions maximum category rating will have results annulled.
  9. A rider lucky enough to upgrade in ZwiftPower rider category during the season will be allowed to continue racing with their team IF they have completed at least 4 weeks in the ZRL at the threshold category for that Division. Riders who race in multiple Leagues/Divisions each week - take note that this is per WEEK not per RACE. Your highest category for that week will be taken into consideration.


Team Tags will NOT be used in SEASON 2.
Season 2 will see the launch of TEAM-SPECIFIC-PER-EVENT racer sign-on links and no further use of Team Tags. When a rider clicks these links, they are taken through the WTRL website where you may be asked to login. The website will identify who you are (by your stored Zwift ID number) and what team you are in and update our race database accordingly. You will then be forwarded on to the Companion App or event sign-on page automatically where all you have to do is select the correct pen.

  • Every rider entering a race must use these links and must use the one specific for that team for that week.
  • New links are issued every week for every team.
  • If a rider changes teams, they will be required to click on the correct link for their new team which in turn updates the race database.
  • If you change teams and DO NOT update us using the link specific to the team you are joining, you will NOT be identified as part of your new team.
  • A rider who’s category falls above that of the Division their team is in (unless approved through the 4-week rule), banned or sanctioned riders or Premier Division riders attempting to access a Community ZRL race will receive an onscreen warning and will not be taken to the Companion App or event to sign on.
  • Team cars, Director Sportifs and any other support crew entering racer-designated pens must NOT leave the pens under any circumstances. If you do, you will be placed in the race with your team.
  • Any rider with an incorrect Zwift ID number stored with WTRL is advised to update this.
  • Team captains/managers will have access to a webpage where they can see exactly who has signed up for each team.
  • Anyone attempting to bypass the WTRL links and attempting to join an event will be immediately disqualified.


  1. All teams will race for 8 weeks in 8 races.
  2. Weeks 1-8 (Regular Season) will feature 5x Points Races and 3x Team Time Trials to crown Division Champions
  3. A Championship Playoff will take place on Friday 5th/Saturday 6th March between 7pm and 8pm UTC (London time) - the same time as the existing Premier Division races (but a different day).
  4. CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS will be Battle Royale style with the top 2 eligible teams from each A1 Division across the ZRL battling it out in one points race (Friday) and one TTT race (Saturday).
  5. Eligible teams are teams from clubs not already represented in the ZRL Premier Division. Non-eligible teams in the top 2 will be replaced with eligible teams for the CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS.
  6. A maximum of 14 Mens teams will battle for 3 Premier Division places.
  7. A maximum of 8 Womens teams will battle for 3 Premier Division places.
  8. ALL elligble teams for the CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS will be expected to comply with Zwift eSports rules.
    • 10 nominated riders pre-race (at least 60% of whom will race in the Premier Division for Season 3 if promoted)
    • Height/Weight verification videos pre-race
    • Trainer as primary power source
    • Dual Power Recording submitted to WTRL within 2 hours of race completiton.
    • Heart Rate Monitor connected to the game.
  9. The Top 3 teams from the CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS will be invited to join the Zwift Racing League Premier Division (PD) subject to passing ZADA verification and approval by Zwift eSport's Race Director and will receive a custom ingame kit.
  10. Season 3 will start on April 5th/6th 2021.


  1. PREMIER DIVISION (PD) - includes top Community Teams and Wild Card Invitational Teams who have all completed and satisfied full ZADA verification and meet the Zwift eSports requirements. Rules within the Premier Division only apply to the Premier Division.
    1. Asia Pacific (APAC)
    2. Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
    1. EMEA and AMERICAS will be split into at least 2 SUB-REGIONS (East & West) due to the number of teams.
    1. Divisions A to D will be implemented as necessary ensuring there is a maximum of 15 and minimum of 5 teams per division.
    2. Where there are 4 or less teams in a Division, 'Culling' will not be enabled. Teams will start in their respective pens Division D in the D pen etc BUT they will be able to see and race with at least the division above during events. This predominantly applies to America's West Women.
    3. FULL points will be available for each division regardless of culling. This means all Leagues (Women's and Men's/Mixed) will feature Divisions A,B,C & D with full points per division.
    1. Each Division will have its own allocated Event and start time.
    2. Teams MUST race in these events in the correct pen and observe any Start Delays during Team Time Trials.
    3. All ZRL events require a special Racer Sign-On Link for riders to be able to join the event.
    1. All teams are eligible for promotion.
    2. Teams will only be relegated to another Division of the same category. ie B teams will not be relegated to a C Division.
    3. A total of 3 Community Teams will be promoted to the Premier Division.
    4. The 3 lowest placed Premier Division teams will be relegated to the Community Divisions.
    5. Up to 2 teams will be promoted from each Division in the community and a maximum of 2 will be relegated where rule 3.6.2 above applies.
    6. The Community ZRL works to ranking first on the most League Points (or series points as some call them) and then by Total Points (the sum of Finish,FTS and FAL totals). In the event all of that was still a tie, it would fall to whoever placed higher in the final race.
    7. Premier Division works solely to whoever places higher in the final TTT.


  1. The ZWIFT RACING LEAGUE is centered around teams of riders. There is no individual GC or league of individual racers.
    1. Finish line Points
    2. Intermediate Points will be awarded to the top 10 crossing the Intermediate Finish line first on predesignated Intermediates and laps.
    3. Fastest Intermediates Times to the top 10 fastest riders during the entire race (ie not per lap)
    4. If a rider is removed, Intermediate points will NOT cascade down becoming effectively 'lost' from the race.
    5. division/race/course specific Team Finishing Bonus (TFB).
    6. All Rider Points will be Converted to Team Points as per season 1 with the top scoring team receiving 20 points.
  3. TEAM TIME TRIALS will see 20 points awarded to the FASTEST team in the division, 19 for 2nd and so on with time taken on the 4th rider.
  4. ANY rider disqualified during a Team Time Trial event for Power or Category infringements will cause the whole team to be disqualified.


    1. ALL riders in A divisions MUST wear a Heart Rate Monitor and transmit this to the game (ZWIFT) itself.
    2. Any Division A rider with missing HRM data will be removed from the results and score 0 points period.
    3. No allowances will be made to any A Division rider with missing heart rate data or supplement recordings (bicycle computers, watches etc) and results will not be reinstated.
    4. Riders in Divisions B, C and D are advised to wear a Heart Rate Monitor and transmit heart rate data to the game (ZWIFT).
    5. Any B, C or D rider not transmitting heart rate data to the game will receive 50% of their points.
    6. Heart Rate Monitor data is not required for Team Time Trial formats but is recommended.
    7. No adjustments to any results will be made for heart rate monitor failure, rider error or missing Heart Rate data.
    1. All riders in Division A teams MUST transmit power information to the game (ZWIFT). This can be a smart turbo trainer, smart bike OR dumb trainer and separate power meter.
    2. Results for any Division A rider not transmitting power to the game will be annulled.
    3. No Division A rider is permitted to use ZPower (a dumb trainer alone).
    4. Riders in Divisions B, C and D can use ZPower but note all rider points will be halved.
    5. All riders are encouraged to DUAL RECORD power data and upload to ZwiftPower. Dual Recording is the capture of power data from 2 separate power meters. This is a recommendation NOT a requirement.
    1. ALL riders must have accurate HEIGHT and WEIGHT entered into their ZWIFT PROFILE.
    2. ALL riders MUST be fully ZwiftPower registered. This includes enabling the sharing of your data with ZwiftPower from your ZWIFT PROFILE CONNECTIONS.
    1. Each week, up to 2 teams from each Division will be selected at random and to provide a HEIGHT and WEIGHT video per rider up to 12 hours pre and 12 hours post race.
    2. Full details will be included in the Email Request BUT these must be completed within 12 hours pre and 12 hours post race (a total window of 24 hours).
    3. You are NOT required to make these video's publically available. Only WTRL, Zwift or ZADA need to have access.
    4. Some teams may be asked more than once. It is a random process and this should not be interpreted as any suspicion from Race Control.
    5. The top 3 Community Division teams will be required to complete and satisfy all ZADA requirements prior to being officially promoted to the Zwift Racing League Premier Division.


  1. All communication to WTRL Race Control should be made by either the team manager or team captain. These individuals are prioritized.
  2. While WTRL endeavor to reply to everyone, the sheer volume of communications can cause delay. It is much easier for us to deal with a single email from a team captain or manager around issues than multiple emails from team riders. Help us to help you!
  3. All Results protests must be made by the Team Manager or Captain within 12 hours of race completion. WTRL will not amend a teams results where a protest is received outside of this window.
  4. Protests around teams other than your own, will be investigated by WTRL, ZWIFT and/or ZADA but the outcome of those investigations will not be reported back to the protesting team.
  5. Please ensure you include:
    • Your Teams Name.
    • The Zwift ID or full name as used in ZwiftPower of any riders.
    • The Zwift Event ID of the race.
    • Evidence and details of your protest or complaint.
    • PLEASE include web links rather than Screenshots unless you are providing game-based evidence.
  6. WTRL and Zwift's decisions around Team or Rider Protests are final.


Zwift Racing League in Partnership with WTRL


Zwift Racing Leagues & Divisions

In order to allow competitive racing across the globe, a ladder system of leagues will be in operation. Separate League structures will exist for Men/Mixed and Women. Although the leagues have geographical names, teams can choose at registration the league that suits them best BUT they must race in the race events associated with that League. These are defined as:

  • Premier Division
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa East (EMEA E)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa East (EMEA S)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa East (EMEA W)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa West (EMEA N)
  • Americas East (AMERICAS E)
  • Americas West (AMERICAS W)

All Zwift Racing League races will take place on Tuesdays with live broadcasts on Zwift Community Live (Community Divisions) and Zwift Live (Premier Division).

ALL races use WTRL's unique RACE PASS system for riders to sign-on to INVITE-ONLY events. This is to ensure that non-team riders can not join the race and potentially interfere with race progression. Special team specific RACE PASS joining links will be provided by WTRL to all registered team Captains at least 24 hours in advance of each race start time. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure these joining links are distributed amongst their participating team riders ONLY and NOT to anyone that should not be in the team or race.

Leagues are based around the well-known ZwiftPower rider categories (which are based on wkg FTP and watts FTP. A Divisions Power Limits are determined by its denominating letter. ie Division B has a maximum Category rating of B. All riders in a B division must have been a B rider for at least their first 4 weeks of the season (not first 4 races)

Men's / Mixed Women's
Division A > 4.0wkg FTP & minimum 250W FTP > 3.7wkg FTP
Division B Less than 3.99wkg FTP & minimum 200W FTP Less than 3.69wkg FTP
Division C less than 3.19wkg FTP & minimum 150W FTP less than 3.19wkg FTP
Division D less than 2.49wkg FTP less than 2.49wkg FTP

Each Division will contain a maximum of 20 teams. Where there are more than 20 teams registering for a particular division in season 1, additional sub divisions will be created making each Category Division expandable.

Promotion & Relegation

At the end of each SEASON 2 Teams will be promoted and 2 relegated from each division. Teams will not be relegated down a category ie a C Team would not be moved to a D division unless the team was explicitly request but would be expected to field D Category riders in the new season.

The top team in any division will be moved up to the division above regardless of Division of Category ie a division winning B team would be promoted to A regardless.

Teams must have competed in at least 8 ZRL races in any season to be automatically considered for promotion and at least 5 for relegation.

2 teams from each Division 1 will optionally be able to participate in a final 2 race back-to-back to declare Category World Champions. These are defined as the 'Play-Offs' for all Division A1 teams and the Season World Championships for Division B1,C1,D1 teams. 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed Division A1 teams, after the Playoffs will be offered the chance to complete the verification processes required and then entry to the ZRL Premier Division once approved. B1,C1 and D1 teams will race to determine the top B, C and D category Season World Champions.

Teams winning promotion to the Premier Division will be offered a custom in-game team kit of their design.

We are working on something special for Teams winning as Season World Champions.

Division Promoted To Relegated To
Premier Division - 3 Teams Associated Geographical League - A Division
A Division 1 Team Premier Division 2 Teams B Division(s)
B, C Divisions 2 Teams Divisions Above 2 Teams Divisions Below
D Division(s) 2 Teams C Division(s) -


Zwift Racing League Points & Scoring

In every race there will be plenty of points for teams to work together to win. The competition will feature Finish Line Points, Intermediate Points, and Team Points.

Individual Rider Scores

For each race in each division, a rider can score points for their team based on their finishing position.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11 → 15 16 → 20 21 → 25 26 → 30 31 → 35 36 → 40 41 → 45 46 → 50 51 → 53 54 → 56 57 → 59 60 → 62 63 → 65 66 → 68 69 → 71 72 → 74 75 → 77 78 → 80 81 → 83 84th+
40 35 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

There are no individual scores in Team Time Trial events.

Bonus Intermediate Points (Points Races Only)
  • First-Across-the-Line (FAL) Intermediate Points will be added to a riders score at various designated intermediate sprints and climbs. These are always 10 down to 1 for 1st to 10th position. If a rider is disqualified, points will pass to the next rider in the list but points will then only be available 1st to 9th . Refer to the ZRL Course Schedule for intermediates in play for each event.
  • Fastest-Through Segment (FTS) Points will be awarded to the top 10 Fastest Times throughout the race at 1 designated Sprint and 1 designated Climb (where possible). This is scored per race (not per lap) scored as 20,15,10,7 to 1 for 1st,2nd,3rd,4th to 10th. If a rider posts the fastest time on lap 1 and the 2nd fastest time on lap 2 - the rider would earn 35 points for 1st and 2nd place. Do not under estimate the value of these points. Unlike FAL points, the top 10 will ALWAYS score.
  • There are no Bonus Points available in team Time Trial events.
Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
First (per lap) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Fastest (whole race) 20 15 10 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Team Scores
  • For each race the total Individual Scores will be COMBINED (totaled) by team and ranked.
  • The team with the HIGHEST total COMBINED scores will be declared the winner of the race.
  • In the event of a tie in COMBINED scores, the position of each tied team’s best rider across the finish line shall determine the tied team’s ordering, with the team with the higher placed rider placing higher.

The Top 20 teams are awarded LEAGUE POINTS for each race (scratch or TTT) in each DIVISION of each LEAGUE as per the descending ranking as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  • At the end of the SEASON, the team with the most SERIES POINTS shall be declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie on Total Series / League Points, the secondary order of ranking will be the Total rider points (the sum of Finish,FTS and FAL totals). In the event all of that was still a tie, it would fall to whoever placed higher in the final race.


Race Broadcasters

All Zwift Racing League races will be broadcast through either Zwift Live or Zwift Community Live channels. Divisions and Categories may vary from week to week. Be sure to subscribe to each channel by clicking the titles below so you do not miss the hype!

Zwift Live

Zwift Live will broadcast all Monday Premier Division races and Team Time Trials with full support from WTRL. Presenters and Commentators will include, OJ Borj, Matt Stephens, Hanna Walker, Nathan Guerra, Dave Towle and other guest presenters.

Each week a Zwift Racing magazine show will broadcast live, giving a round up of the weeks racing action on Zwift and looking forward to the following week. The magazine show will feature interviews with racers from across the Leagues and Divisions as well as highlights, results and discussions from across the various Zwift Racing Leagues

Zwift Community Live

All Community Divisions of the Zwift Racing Leagues will be broadcast on Zwift Community Live with commentary from Nathan Guerra, Dave Towle and a host of other presenters - fully supported by WTRL.


Leading up-to and during each season, be sure to also check out the ZwiftCast podcasts for more interviews and information around the Zwift Racing League


ZwiftInsider will have course and race preview articles each week.
ZI Zwift Racing Leagues Update
ZI Zwift Racing Leagues Courses

Zwift Community

A vast content of Zwift Racing League Live Streams can also be found online from our very own Zwift Community Racers and provision will be made right here on to add your channels to a Channel Directory.


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