On 26th February 2022, Zwift will host the second-ever edition of the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. The men’s and women’s races will both take place over 2.5 laps of Zwift’s New York Knickerbocker course (54.9km, 944m climbing), and for the first time in cycling, every top-level Zwift racer has a chance to secure a place on the start line alongside some of the biggest names in cycling.

  • Riders must be 18 years of age or older
  • All Level 5+ Zwifters who have been auto-categorized by WTRL as Category A or above based on RACE events completed in the last 60 days. (Men: >4.0wkg FTP and 250W FTP/Women 3.7wkg FTP).
  • Smart trainer must be paired to ZWIFT as the primary power source. Please note ZPower (dumb trainers) and non-trainer mounted power meters (pedals/crank/hub) are not accepted.
  • Dual power recording is encouraged but not a requirement for the CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIERS. It is a requirement of the CONTINENTAL QUALIFIERS (27th/28th November).
  • All Zwifters must wear a fully functioning Heart Rate Monitor transmitting directly to Zwift via Bluetooth or Ant+ throughout each race. Secondary sources are not accepted.
  • Zwifters with height or significant weight changes may be excluded.


Hosted by WTRL
Open to all eligible riders
Registration Required (opens here week commencing October 18th 2021)

To pass OPEN Qualification, you must meet eligibility and one of the following options:
  • Compete in the PREMIER DIVISION in the current Zwift Racing League 2021/22 Season 1.
  • Complete 2x races in the current Zwift Racing League 2021/22 Season 1 A Divisions.
  • Complete 2x races in the Zwift Continental Open Qualification races (13th/14th/20th/21st November).
  • Complete 1x Zwift Racing League 2021/22 Season 1 (A Divisions) race and 1x Zwift Continental Open Qualification race.

Zwifters who pass Open Qualification and eligibility requirements will receive invites from Zwift for the CONTINENTAL QUALIFICATION RACES between 16th-23rd November

Each day will have events starting at 3PM local time in the cities of Wellington, Tokyo, Cape Town, London and Chicago on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st November for a total of 20 CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIER events.

  • Saturday's CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIERS will operate on WATOPIAS HILLY ROUTE (3 laps)
  • Sunday's CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIERS will operate on LONDON LOOP (2 laps).

The full event list will be available at Registration where you will be able to select your preferences.
If qualifying outside of Zwift Racing League, your first 2 races from the CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIERS will count (not your best 2).
If you pass the ellgibility criteria, WTRL will automatically place you in the event and pen once the COQ events are available.
Your finishing position through the CONTINENTAL OPEN QUALIFIERS is irrelevant - you simply need to show that you meet or exceed Category A requirements.
Should you need to change your options, you can do so via the registration form.


Hosted by ZWIFT

Entry Requirements: Riders must have either:
  • Passed Continental Open Qualification
  • Compete in the current ZWIFT RACING LEAGUE 2021/22 Season 1 PREMIER DIVISION
Race Requirements:
  • Zwifters must connect an approved SMART TRAINER as primary power source and provide secondary power recordings after the race to ZADA.
  • Zwifters must provide height and weight verification to ZADA.
  • Trainer difficulty will be forced (by Zwift) to 50%.
  • A fully functioning heart rate monitor must be connected to Zwift and worn for the duration of the race.
Regional Qualification Event   Women 
(27th November)
(28th November) 
Oceania Qualifiers to UCI 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships 5am UTC  5am UTC 
Asian Qualifiers to UCI 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships 8am UTC  8am UTC 
European Qualifiers to UCI 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships 11am UTC  11am UTC
African Qualifiers to UCI 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships 2pm UTC  2pm UTC 
Pan American Qualifiers to UCI 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships 5pm UTC  5pm UTC 


The TOP 5 from each Continental Qualification Race will qualify for entry to the 2022 UCI Cycling eSport World Championship Final Races subject to:

  • ZADA verification
  • WADA Drug/anti-doping testing
  • National Federation acceptance
  • Possession/successful application of an Official Federation Bicycle Racing License.

All finalists will be provided with hardware (smart trainer etc) that must be used for the 2022 UCI Cycling eSport World Championship race itself.

Rules & Regulations

  • Zwift’s Esports Rules and Regulations will apply to the events.
  • All riders must be on a direct drive smart trainer or smart bike supported by Zwift with manufacturer claimed accuracy of +/- 2% or better (Reference Zwift Esports Rules 2.5.2)
  • In addition, the UCI’s Regulations will apply to the event and the UCI will assume overall responsibility for governance of the events.

More information will follow.

Zwift eSports Official Announcement

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