Ride strong and run fast!

This epic bike-and-run race series goes down every Wednesday for 6 weeks. No treadmill? No problem! Want to team up? Perfect! Select your Zwift Club at registration.

Competing solo? No problem! With individual and age group competition this year, you’re in good company no matter how you choose to participate. And no matter what you do, don’t forget to register on WTRL.

Heads up, the goal here isn’t to cross the finish line first. The objective is to find out who can go the farthest distance in the amount of time allotted.

Event breakdown:
  1. 35 or 30 minute non-draft bike race with a mass start
  2. 10-minute transition
  3. 15 or 20 minute run (on Zwift or outside*)

Scores are based on how far you ride or run. For every 100 meters you ride, you earn a point! 20 meters covered on foot? Boom, point! Routes rotate each week and will feature the latest in-game locations from Makuri Islands, so don’t miss out!

How many points can you stack up?

How do I run on Zwift?

WTRL offer 2 ways for you to complete the Run element of the Zwift Duathlon League:

1. On a treadmill

The safest way to run on Zwift is with a treadmill. You can learn more about the requirements by visiting Zwift Support.

2. Outdoors

If you do not own a treadmill and would like to run in the Zwift Duathlon League, as long as you have a free Strava account that you have linked to your WTRL Profile, you can complete the run option outside. For more details how to do this, please click here.

2023 Season Dates

Season 7: February 1st to March 8th 2023


Club League

Clubs MUST have 3 or more club members complete an option each week to score Club Points.
Season 3: All Club Members are included in the average scores each week.
Season 2: The highest and lowest ranked club members are removed from the average for each race
Season 1: No Club League was operated.

Change the Season on the Results page to see the Club League reflected here for that season.


Note that to receive a result, both the bike and run must be from the same Option.

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Zwift Duathlon League Event Timetable

Rules & FAQs

  1. Q. What is the difference between an event, an Option, a race and a week?
    A. An Event is defined with an Event ID. An Option is 2 Events - 1 bike and 1 run that take place within an hour and a 10 minute transition. A Race and a Week are the same thing.
  2. Q. How does the new Club feature work?
    A. Participants can join a Club at or after registration. Once you have joined a club - you cannot change it and that is the club you will represent for the duration of the 4 week series.
  3. Q. Is a club the same as a team?
    A. We define a Team as several members from the same club allowing clubs to have multiple teams. You are most welcome to divide your club in to teams as we know how much a bit of rivalry can spice up the competition but if you prefer to race as the collective club, that is all good too.
  4. Q. How many club members am I allowed?
    A. As many as you like. The scoring takes this into account to ensure the competition remains fair and competitive. We are likely to work to a minimum club size of 3 particpants.
  5. Q. How are Club scores calculated?
    A. We take all points earned by the club, and average the total score for all members who complete a FULL OPTION (Bike & Run). For seasons 1 and 2 only, the highest and lowest ranked duathletes scores in a club are discarded and the remaining scores averaged for each race/week.
  6. Q. How do I register with a club?
    A. The club must be registered for the competition first. Once the club is registered, you will be able to select the club from the drop down on the Registration page.
  7. Q. Will I need a weekly RacePass to link me to my club?
    A. No - racers are free to enter any Zwift Duathlon League event each week and their results will be associated to the club they registered with/for.
  8. Q. Do I have to join a club?
    A. No - we will be running both Individual and Club leagues. All participants that have registered will show in the Individual League and those that are part of a club will contribute to their clubs league position.
  9. Q. Does the entire club have to race in the same event?
    A. No - club members can race in any of the 6 events. Once all 6 races are completed, the club league will be updated. Results for Individuals will be available a few minutes after each race of each stage.
  10. Q. This sounds great - how do I sign up?
    A. You'll need to create a WTRL Profile, login and then you can register for the event. You will literally just need to select your category and a Club (optional), then head over to your Zwift Connections and make sure you are opted in to share your data with ZWIFTPOWER.
  11. Q. I entered the wrong category on my registration.
    A. No problem - re-register with the correct category or just race and we will correct your category automatically.
  12. Q. Do I have to run straight after I bike?
    A. Yes - you must bike and run in the same option pair (a-a, b-b) with the 10 minute transition. You cannot bike in a and then run in c.
  13. Q. Do I have to race at the same time each week?
    A. No you can race at different times each week but you must complete the event-pair that make up your option. You could race option A in week 1, option D in week 2, Option C in week 3 and option A in week 4 etc.
  14. Q. Can I do the Duathlon stage more than once in a week?
    A. Yes - we will take your highest number of points from the event pair to the league for that week.
  15. Q. How will I access the seperate Bike and Run events?
    A. Via the weekly emails (which contain links to all 6 events), Zwift Companion App, www.zwift.com.
  16. Q. Do I have to use a TT bike?
    A. In-game - no. In previous seasons this was a requirment but now riders can select the best bike for the job from their garage or drop shop. Drafting is turned off no matter what.
  17. Q. How does the transition period work?
    A. The Bike event is a timed 35 or 30 minute event where you are scored per complete 100 meters ridden (a change from Season 1). You will then have 10 minutes to switch from bike to running machine (seperate Zwift Events - 2 links) where you will run as far as you can in either 10 or 15 minutes with 1 point for every complete 20 meters.
  18. Q. What incline should I set my treadmill to?
    A. 0%.
  19. Q. Are you verifying performances?
    A. Basic verification will be used. This means ALL racers MUST wear a Heart Rate Monitor. Missing or abnormally low HRM readings will be removed from results. If you can supply cadence as well - perfect, though we are aware not everyone has this at their disposal. Suspect or unrealistic performances will be investigated by WTRL/Zwift/ZADA and results annulled (or further action) where applicable.
  20. Q. Can I run outside?
    A. We strongly advise against this for safety reasons but it is possible yes.
  21. Q. Are you able to accept secondary heart rate, cadence, fit or Strava files as proof of participation and performance?
    A. Unfortunately NO. All performances will be judged using data broadcasted by your equiptment direct to the game. No form of secondary file or participation outside of the physical events can be taken into consideration or scored.
  22. Q. How does scoring work?
    A. For every complete 100 meters cycled you will earn 1 point.
    For every complete 20 meters that you run, you will earn 1 point.
    Scores are then added together to form a league table by age group.
  23. Q. Are starts staggered?
    A. Pens (which are gender-locked) will see a 1 minute stagger but all pens are mass start. Draft is switched off for cycling events and everyone must use a TT bike. Results will be shown by the age category that you registered with.
  24. Q. What pen is for what?
    A. Women will start from the A pen and Men from the B pen. Duathletes will not be seperated by age for their events but will be seperated into Age categories in the results.
  25. Q. Are these Pro races?
    A. No - these are community events open to all. Be sure to follow Zwift's social channels for updates on all the professional racing.
  26. Q. I bike on Zwift but have never run - what do I need?
    A. Running on Zwift is free. To get started on Zwift Running, please check out these resources.

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