ZRL Finals
7th / 14th / 21st
March 2023

About the ZRL Finals

2023 marks the first time that the Zwift Racing League Finals conept will be tried and tested. The ZRL Finals should very much be viewed as a fun bonus way to round out the season and determine the best eligible teams at all levels. There are around 2,300 eligible teams currently. While the overall flavour will be very similar to that of the regular rounds, there are some new elements to get familiar with.

ZRL Finals Objectives

  • Declare Regional Winners in each of the Cup, Shield, Plate and Bowl 'brackets' at every divisional level (i.e. A1, C3, D2 etc) in all regions (APAC/OCEANS, EMEAE, EMEAW, AMERICAS).

Clock Changes & Race Times

Many North American States and Provinces will adjust their clocks forward on March 12, 2023 (between SF1 and SF2). This adds a layer of complication for North American riders and teams competing in non-Americas leagues (events appear 1 hour later) and riders and teams from around the world competing in Americas leagues (events appear 1 hour earlier).

This has proved a complex issue from a planning perspective also. We have done our level best to cater to as many teams and riders as we can but they wont be perfect for everyone. Some adjustments may be made if there are not enough teams confirming themselves for the finals.

Provisional event times can be found using our events list and selecting 'Future' and 'Zwift Racing League' using the filter buttons.

  • Semi-Final 1 (SF) and Semi Final 2 (SF2) points races require all teams and racers within a bracket to race at the same time (mass start).
  • The start times for SF1 and SF2 are expected to be close to those of the regular Rounds (+/- 1 hour or less in most cases).
  • We should be able to allow teams to race their Final (TTT) at more usual times.

Who Qualifies?

The Zwift Racing League Finals are open to all teams that complete at least 1 full round (all 6 races) from within the current season. It is not open to new teams. Riders must have completed at least 3 races within a single round for the team during the season and must be within category for each ZRL Finals race.

How do I register my team?

A full list of qualifying teams is available from the Teams button above. We expect the Finals Team Management system to be live late on February 27th right here where team captains and managers will be able to CONFIRM or WITHDRAW each of their qualifying teams and will be required to select a minimum of 4/maximum of 12 eligible team members from a list at the same time.

  • Eligible riders remain able to race for a maximum of 2 teams.
  • Please ensure the riders you add to the team are within category (both physical letter and power limits).
  • No further team members can be added once the team is confirmed to please be sure to select everyone that intends to race.

How do the ZRL Finals work?

Throughout the season, each team accumulates League Points for each Round. A teams best League Point score in any round they have completed all races in will be used to rank teams. Where a team is relegated or promoted, the league score from their last division will be used.
The ZRL Finals Semi Finals consist of 2 races - a hill climb repeat event (scored by total meters covered) and a standard ZRL Points Race. All teams are assgined to a ZRL Semi-Finals Bracket as follows:

  • Top Halves of each and every division will race against the respective top halves of their parallel division(s) in THE CUP.
  • Bottom Halves of each division will race against the respective bottom halves of their parallel division(s) in THE PLATE

The ZRL Final is a single-event Team Time Trial Shoot Out. The fastest team in each bracket wins and all members of that team throughout the season will receive the coveted Zwift Racing League Helmet in their virtual garage.
After the Semi-Finals, the Semi-Final Brackets will divide in half once again to form brackets for the Final as follows:

  • Top half of Cup Semi Finals brackets progress to the REGIONAL CUP FINAL
  • Bottom Half of Cup Semi Finals brackets progress to the REGIONAL SHIELD FINAL
  • Top Half of Plate Semi Final brackets progress to the REGIONAL PLATE FINAL
  • Bottom Half of Plate Semi Final brackets progress to the REGIONAL BOWL FINAL

Finals Schedule

Click on the Course names for further information when viewing on mobile or tablet devices.

Check out our handy guide to Zwift Powerups in our Help Center

Qualifying Teams



Zwift Racing League - 2022/23 Rule Set (v4.05 - 13th February 2023)

Men's / Mixed Divisions Women's Divisions
Division A > 4.0wkg FTP & >250W FTP > 3.7wkg FTP
Division B 3.20wkg to 3.99wkg FTP & >200W FTP 3.20wkg 3.69wkg FTP
Division C 2.5wkg to 3.19wkg FTP & >150W FTP 2.5wkg to 3.19wkg FTP
Division D less than 2.49wkg FTP less than 2.49wkg FTP
Reporting Suspicious Behavior

The Zwift Racing League has been designed to provide both fun and fair competition as well as to grow the Zwift Racing community in an inclusive manner. WTRL and Zwift do work hard in the background to enforce the rules and ensure that our aims are met.

We would like to remind all competitors and teams that social media is not the place to be raising concerns on the legitimacy of riders, teams or a competition and there are official channels to report any suspicious performances.

The official channels are as follows:

  • ZWIFT: Please report using THIS form, ensuring you include all requested information.
  • WTRL: Send an email including the Zwift ID or ZwiftPower profile link, event ID numbers, full details and supporting evidence to [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE To maintain the privacy of our members, we won’t be able to update you on the outcome of your report. Please rest assured we will investigate each concern fully.