Zwift Running League

Season 3


Registration will open 22ND Oct
Zwift Running League Season 3

Lace up - Zwift Running League Season 3 is approaching! A 6-week series of heart-pounding, can’t-miss events featuring alternating race formats we all know and love.

All runners should be of the same abillity group for that class. Check out the Team Format page for more details. Also - your teams BEST 5 League Point wins will count to the total for the series!

Bring a water bottle–the fun starts Friday, November 12th and runs through to Decmber 17th.

Each week’s race format will be different. The events will alternate week-to-week from a points-based individual race to a team relay race.

In the points race, classic cross country scoring will be used—the top three runners score for their team based on their finish order. The fourth runner is the tie-breaker.

Zwift Running League Season 3

Interested in the relay? All it takes are three runners, plus an alternate/team manager. Show off your speed as each member races 2km. Time to strategize!

There are 7 event times to choose from and teams are placed into our unique City classification system based on your team’s run pace categories.


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League - Season 3

Season 3 Schedule


Race Date Course/Route Format Distance
1 12th November 2021 MAKURI ISLANDS (YUMEZI) - Kappa Quest Reverse Points Race 5.1 km / 3.2 miles
2 19th November 2021 CRIT CITY - The Bell Lap Relay Race 2.0 km / 1.2 miles
3 26th November 2021 MAKURI ISLANDS (YUMEZI) - Countryside Tour Points Race 5.3 km / 3.3 miles
4 3rd December 2021 CRIT CITY - The Bell Lap Relay Race 2.0 km / 1.2 miles
5 10th December 2021 MAKURI ISLANDS (NEOKYO) - Railways And Rooftops Points Race 6.2 km / 3.8 miles
6 17th December 2021 CRIT CITY - The Bell Lap Relay Race 2.0 km / 1.2 miles

Event Times

Zwift Running League Season 3

Team Formats

Teams will consist of 3 runners for TEAM RELAY RACES and 3 to 4 for the POINTS RACES.

All runners in the team must be from the same running class as determined by the City Class. Teams fielding runners with abilities above the threshold for their City Class may have their results annulled.

Runner Classes (average min per km / min per mile over a 5km/3.1mile distance):

Class KMH Average Minutes per MILE
based on 3.2 miles
Average Minutes per KILOMETER
based on 5 kilometers
1 17.6 - 25.0 4:00 - 5:29 2:30 - 3:25
2 14.9 - 17.5 5:30 - 6:29 3:26 - 4:02
3 12.9 - 14.8 6:30 - 7:29 4:03 - 4:39
4 11.1 - 12.8 7:30 -8:44 4:40- 5:25
5 0.1 - 11.0 8:45- 10:00 5:26- 6:12

Once you have your team assembled, register according to the CITY TEAM CLASSES below:

Atlanta 3 x 1 (can include 'slower' Runner Classes)
Helsinki 3 x 2 (can include 'slower' Runner Classes)
Munich 3 x 3 (can include 'slower' Runner Classes)
Rome 3 x 4 (can include 'slower' Runner Classes)
Sydney 3 x 5 (can include 'slower' Runner Classes)

Race Formats



POINTS RACE distances will vary between 4.4km and 9km (course dependent)

3 runners per team + 1 alternate (optional as tie breaker). In case of a tie with no alternate runner, we will take the highest placed 3rd runner from both teams as the tie breaker. Teams fielding less than 3 runners in an event will not recieve any LEAGUE POINTS.

The points race is scored Cross Country style, meaning your literal finishing place is the amount of points you scored for the team, lower the better.

  • 1st place = 1 point
  • 2nd place = 2 points
  • 3rd place = 3 points


This also means the points race is all about head to head racing and less about time. Beat a runner by 1 second or 15 seconds - you earn the same points.


Each team will consist of exactly 3 Zwift runners and will designate their own order of running. This does not need to be provided to WTRL.

You are welcome to include your 4th runner in the pen (in case of technical pre-start difficulties) but ANYONE crossing the line will be included as part of the team - 4 runners crossing the start banner (defined as the orange banner that crosses the front of the pen) would award a disqualification.

Each TEAM RELAY RACE is a FIXED 2KM distance starting from the pens and finishing at a blue gate that crosses the road at the 2km mark.

  1. RUNNER ONE will start as soon as the gate opens and complete their distance (2.0km).
  2. RUNNER TWO and THREE cannot leave the pen! IF you do your team will be Given a 20 second penalty.
  3. RUNNER TWO can only start running ONCE Runner One finishes their 2km leg. Runner Two can either fan view runner One or be alerted by teammates on Discord (or your choice of comms (Zoom, Skype, Google etc) when Runner One is finished.
  4. RUNNER THREE will follow the same format and can ONLY start once Runner Two finishes their 2km Leg.

The Relay will be complete when the 3rd and Final Runner crosses the finish line. and will record the teams final time.


League Points are issued to teams after all events for each stage have taken place. Teams are ranked and then 20 points awarded to the team with the LOWEST total of points scored for Points Races and for Team Relay Races, the highest ranking/fastest (1st place) team in their team's CITY CLASS.

Points then cascade down in 1 point increments throughout the league/City Class with all teams receiving the minimum 1 point from 20th place onwards.

Teams fielding LESS than 3 team members for POINTS RACES are ranked AFTER teams with the correct number of team members but also then receive 50% points. Relay races REQUIRE 3 team members to score any points.


Rules & FAQs


Leagues will form from the TEAMS CLASS. Teams can race in any designated zone but must competre in the same Zone/event time each week. Refer to the Schedule for times in your local timezone.

League points will be issued as 20 points for the top team in class for each week and then in 1 point descending increments with all teams receiving the minimum 1 point for completing the event. Depending on final team numbers, we may flex this.

Your teams TOP 5 LEAGUE RESULTS will give you your League Ranking so should your team have a bad week or are all sat on a beach, you are still in the 'running'.


Results will be provisioned as follows:

  • Team Results and Leagues (collective/average time, points etc by CITY CLASS)
  • Individual Leagues & Results (times, points etc by AGE GROUP and CLASS)


Q: What is Zwift Running League?
A:The Zwift Running League is a 6 week team based running league hosted by WTRL. There are two types of events being contested as a team. A points based team race that is scored Cross Country style and a Relay race. Teams are made up of 3 runners per team with an optional 4th runner for the points race only. The 4th runner in the points race is to determine any tie breakers. Relay Teams are limited to a max of 3 runners per team. Teams will be ranked by points scored in their CITY CLASS.

Q: What do we need to get started?
A treadmill, a Zwift subscription and ensure all members of your team have ZwiftPower accounts as this grants the sharing of your game data with WTRL in order to place you in the results.

Q: How do I register for a team for Zwift Running League?
A: Use the button at the top and register a team. You will need a team captain for each team. Each team will be issued with a RacePass™ for each event which identifies anyone clicking on it to the team it is issued to.

Q: How many runners can I have on my team?
A: For the points race you can have 4 runners participate, but only the top 3 will score points. For the relay event only 3 runners will participate.

Q: Can I swap teammates each week?
A: Yes, you can swap team members each week, but as a team you must follow the CITY CLASS rules.

Q: Does it matter which CITY CLASS I sign up for?
A: Yes, each CITY CLASS has a strict limit on the type of runners you can have on your team. For example.

Q: Can I race at whatever time suits me each week?
A: No, you join will need to race at the same time each week currently. If you do not compete in that designated event, you will not receive a result. Your 'league-foes' would like to race with you.

Q: Can I switch Categories after the season starts?
A: We would prefer you not to.

Q: What is Cross Country Scoring?
A: Refer to the Scoring section from the menu above.

Q: Can you draft in running?
A: No, there is no advantage to drafting while running.

Q: I see different times on Zwift Companion, Strava and the results, why is that?
A: This is due to a “chip time” vs “gun time”. As your runner leaves the pen, your time and distance doesn’t officially start until you reach the road, then your time and distance will start ticking away. That is called “Chip time”. It is the actual time it took you to cover the prescribed distance. The "gun time" will have the time it takes you to get from the position in your pen, up to the road and will add that to your “chip time” giving you a “gun time”

Q: How do I pick the correct CITY CLASS?
A: Each team's runners must be AT or BELOW the selected CITY CLASS'S min/km desginated based on the pace chart on the TEAM FORMAT page. Within the Zwift game, each runner should be able to see their calculated speeds. We are working to adapt the CITY CLASSES to work to this in future seasons.

Q: What equipment do I need to race?
A: Speed and Cadence are mandatory, Heart Rate is suggested but not required.

Q: When does ZRL start and finish?
A: Races begin Friday November 12th for 6 Fridays.

Q: What if our team misses a stage?
A: They will not be awarded points for that weeks race.

Q: When is the last day to Register a team?
A: As this is a BRAND NEW format, you will be able to register your team at any point in the competition but no 'catch-up' points will be issued - all teams start from 0 points.

Q: How many Races are there in ZRL?
A: There are 6 races. 3 points races and 3 Relay races. Once events are available, the schedule page will update with information on courses and distances.

Q: What do I get for completing?
A: Team bragging rights.

Q: What incline should I set my treadmill to?
A: 0% incline is standard for the Zwift Running League.

Registered Teams

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Season 3 Registration

Please note that Individual Runners do not need to register in advance using this form. This is for TEAM registration only. Runners are associated to their teams using the RACEPASS which is available from the My Teams link above.

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